When I was younger, I was not great at fine arts and to this day, a wonky cartoon character is the most I can draw freehand. I was the type to have a camera in hand filming a new video for my YouTube channel at the time. My love of the digital arts only expanded as I grew older, and I realized that there were so many other forms of art that didn’t require a paint brush and canvas. My computer was my canvas and my trackpad, a multitude of paint brushes and pens, where I could create interactive experiences both online and offline.

Along with the digital arts, comes many problems to solve when working with different softwares. From scene to scene, there are hurdles to overcome and it is always a learning process. In the end, each problem solved is exhilarating, almost like a math equation. Once completed, I'm ready to tackle the next.
A dream of mine is to renovate the inside of an old airstream and travel. I haven't found one yet but I'm on the lookout! I'm sure this will be the ultimate problem to solve. 
My name is Heidi and I create and capture meaningful experiences for others through design,  videography and photography.  I recently graduated from the University of Waterloo, where I studied Global Business and Digital Arts. Currently, I am working remotely as a rich media producer at World Vision Canada, creating videos, social media ads and designs to test with potential donors. I also own my own freelance photo and video business called Heidi Soper Creative!
Aside from squinting at my computer screen until dusk, you can find me whipping up baked goods in the kitchen, hiking a new trail, playing board games and making my house into a greenhouse full of plants. I’m a big family gal and am always listening to new tunes on Spotify.​​​​​​​
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